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HCG Diet Phase 2

Day 3 - Start HCG Diet Phase 2

Dr. Simeons HCG Diet - HCG Diet Phase 2:

Day 3: Start HCG Diet Phase 2:

  • The HCG Diet Phase 2 is a 500 calorie diet while taking homeopathic HCG.
  • Continue the homeopathic HCG drops and 500 calorie diet for a minimum of 23 days and a maximum of 45 days.

Breakfast - HCG Diet Phase 2

  • Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar. Herbal teas are recommended.
  • You may sweeten with Stevia, but make sure the Stevia doesn't contain any additional ingredients, such as dextrose, etc.



Lunch - HCG Diet Phase 2

  • 100 grams (3.5 oz) of Protein:  lean beef (sirloin steak, ground sirloin, sirloin roast, round roast, London Broil), chicken breast, fresh white fish (should not be frozen), shell fish.
  • Limit beef to 2-3 times per week since it is harder to digest.
  • Weigh all protein with a food scale - 3.5 oz raw or 3 oz cooked.
  • Occasionally, eggs. Must add the white of 3 eggs to 1 whole egg. You can beat eggs and add onion, green pepper, hot pepper and cook at low heat until done.
  • Fresh white fish includes cat fish, cod, flounder, haddock, halibut, orange roughy, pollack, red snapper, tilapia and whiting.
  • 1 cup vegetables:
  • spinach
  • lettuce of any kind
  • tomatoes
  • celery
  • red radishes
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • cucumbers
  • onion
  • chard
  • chicory
  • asparagus
  • cabbage
  • Fruit (fresh or frozen, no canned fruits):
  • 1 apple
  • 1 orange
  • 1/2 grapefruit
  • 8-10 strawberries (1 cup)
  • 1 grissini breadstick or 1 melba toast

Dinner - HCG Diet Phase 2

  •  The same 4 choices as for lunch.

Drinks Allowed - HCG Diet Phase 2

  • Tea, coffee, water
  • Drink 1/2 your weight in water per day. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces of water per day, in addition to any tea or coffee you may be drinking.

Seasonings & Condiments - HCG Diet Phase 2

  • Any and all spices (but no sugar content)
  • No fat, oil or butter (can use Pam)
  • Any type of vinegar, lemon or lime may be used
  • Tabasco, picante sauce and horseradish are allowed in moderation

Additional Information - HCG Diet Phase 2

  • You may eat the breadstick and fruit as a snack in between meals instead of with your meals if you want.

Weigh Yourself Every Morning - HCG Diet Phase 2

  • Weigh yourself every morning after first emptying your bladder.
  • Measure yourself once a week.

My Tips - HCG Diet Phase 2

Check out My Homeopathic HCG Diet Tips to find tips and ideas to make it easier for you to follow the HCG Diet.

Free Downloads - HCG Diet Phase 2

I created the following to help me stay organized while on the Dr. Simeons HCG Diet, which you can download and save or print:
  • HCG Food Journal:
    • You can use the HCG Food Journal to keep track of what you eat every day.
  • Daily Food Journal:
    • I created this so that I could remember what to eat at what times. I would put an X under the column to correspond with the meal on the left. After a few days, I no longer needed to use this, but it helped me to stay organized at first.
  • HCG Grocery List:
    • I created this grocery list and used it when I would go to the grocery store. It has all the foods on it that you can eat.

After your Last Dose of HCG Drops on HCG Diet Phase 2

  • Continue the 500 calorie diet for 72 hours after your LAST dose of homeopathic HCG.
  • It takes 72 hours for the HCG to be eliminated from your system.
  • Also, use the weight the morning of your LAST dose for your weight to maintain during maintenance - Dr. Simeons HCG Diet Phase 3. This is called your Last Dose Weight (LDW).





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